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25+ years experience as a qualitative researcher, with huge respect for the richness and surprises that come from talking to people with care, depth and sensitivity.  Full spectrum of face to face and online methodologies; focus groups, ethnographies, observation, constellation interviewing, retail experiences, semiotic and cultural explorations, senior stakeholder on-boarding, longitudinal online communities, and more. Multi market Unilever accredited practitioner; moderated in UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, and English-speaking focus groups in India, ethnographies in UAE.


Building from deep-rooted and solid consumer understanding to deliver strategic frameworks for product and brand futures – whether it’s reframing the category landscape, embedding consumer segmentation, populating an innovation pipeline, defining a brand’s purpose or getting to a design brief.

Skilled and creative workshop facilitator, with solid experience in delivering fast paced and productive co-creative sessions with client, consumer and expert participant teams.


Sustainability is on everyone’s agenda. Making it an ownable and motivating brand property can be challenging. Experience of working the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has fuelled my knowledge and understanding of the circular economy and how it can help to inspire new business models, create win:win operational change, and become an integrated part of a brand’s purpose and positioning.

Associate Network

A network of skilled and senior specialists to meet every project’s needs.

Digital Qual

Highly effective online platforms for longitudinal, ethnographic and hard to reach audiences


Cultural codes explained, actionable understanding of how meaning is created and communicated

Filming & Editing

Bringing people’s stories and experiences into the room with compelling real life documentaries.

Creative & Copywriting

Concept development, brand narratives and product pitches for internal and external stakeholders.

Quantitative capabilities

Working with trusted partners to deliver multi market surveys and overnight testing

Hand-picked global partners

Working across Europe, Asia and the Americas to deliver extensive market coverage.

some recent clients


I’m always looking for fresh challenges and new partnerships. If you have any question, want to discuss a potential brief please get in touch by email: or call me on +44 07967 922385.